2019 Resolution: Anti-War Actions

2019 Resolution: Anti-War Actions

The United States’ war in Afghanistan will turn 18 soon and recently surpassed the Vietnam War as the longest US war. There are now troops being enlisted who were born after the 9/11 attacks.. Not only does this war show no signs of stopping, but the US under Trump’s leadership seems determined to start new wars.

Trump’s administration attempted a military coup in Venezuela, has shown aggression towards Iran, narrowly called off a military attack on the country by Trump’s own admission, and has sent troops to support Saudi Arabia in response to an oil refinery attack by Yemeni rebels that Saudi Arabia accused Iran of. Some are also concerned that an ongoing trade war with China will evolve into a military conflict.

The original Students for a Democratic Society is best known for its massive anti-war mobilizations. With a new generation of college students who have never lived in a world in which the United States was not at war entering our campuses, it is time to revitalize the anti-war movement in our country. The New Students for a Democratic Society is positioned to make this push.

Students for a Democratic Society resolves to place a renewed emphasis on opposing US wars and US partnerships with murderous regimes such as in Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, and Israel. Concretely, this means that local SDS chapters should independently hold anti-war educational events and rallies and that a national day of action should be called in response to any military attack by the United States.

The most important countries to watch currently are Iran and Venezuela, but Cuba and China may also be sites of military conflict in the near future. China, North Korea, and movements in the Philippines are all at risk in what appears to be a shift to Asia by the Trump administration, so SDS chapters should keep a close eye on all these regions. A national day of action should be called if Colombia attacks Venezuela. If Saudi Arabia or US declares war on Iran, we should have a call to action.

Additionally, chapters should work to end the presence of the military-industrial complex in our communities and on our campuses, including an end to recruitment efforts, ROTC programs, and military sponsored research, as well as immediate divestment from military contractors and multinationals that benefit from imperialism, and all companies that profit from the occupation of Palestine.