2019 Resolution: National SDS Stands Against Police Crimes

2019 Resolution: National SDS Stands Against Police Crimes

In the United States a police officer takes a person life on the average of every 7 hours. (FiveThirtyEight) It’s not uncommon today to hear on the news or see on some form of social media another tale of police brutality. With the ever-growing number of reported cases and for the millions that never get reported and reach the public eye, we must continue to take a stand and say, “That we will not allow this to go on anymore. That we will not make it to where the mothers of young black/brown men are constantly in fear of the day their sons are viewed as dangerous in the eyes of law enforcement. We are watching and we will not stand for this anymore.”

Just over a year ago Amber Guyger, a Dallas police officer, unlawfully entered the home of Botham Jean, a black man from the island of St. Lucia, and murdered him. Guyger has stated she thought it was her apartment, and therefore thought Botham was an intruder. However, these details just don’t add up as Botham had a red doormat outside his apartment door and she did not. As we prepare for trial, we must also prepare to fight the high possibility of a non-guilty verdict as only 35 officers since 2005 have been convicted of a crime related to an on-duty fatal shooting. Less than 1% are even indicted for shootings in the United States. (FatalEncounters) We, as National Students for a Democratic Society, must commit to the fight against police brutality not only for Botham Jean, but the countless others that have experienced this injustice.

Therefore, National S.D.S. must resolve to:

Organize #Justice4Botham events following the verdict of the Amber Guyger trial, which will be one week after September 23rd;

Organize #BLM events and campaigns as we have committed to per last years’ SDS National Convention;

Fight for our local victims of Police Brutality, be they killed by Police Departments or brutalized by the Police in another fashion.

Dedicate to have a greater presence and leadership, in both local chapters and National S.D.S., of black and brown activists so that we, as an organization, can better organize all oppressed students in the struggle for Justice.

Finally, National Students for a Democratic Society should firmly resolve itself to support, promote, and educate about the local initiatives to establish CPACs, Police Accountability Committees, such as those in Chicago, Dallas, Jacksonville, Salt Lake City, and elsewhere.