2019 Resolution: National SDS Stands in Solidarity With Immigrants

2019 Resolution: National SDS Stands in Solidarity With Immigrants

National Students for a Democratic (SDS) renews our resolution to struggle alongside the movement for immigrant rights, legalization for all, and an end to family separation. National SDS recognizes the attack on immigrants as one of the defining injustices of our time. The attacks on documented and undocumented immigrants has been ramped up by the racist Trump administration with increased raids, deportations, and the establishment and expansion of ICE concentration camps. As a movement which includes many immigrants, the student movement is in a position to reinforce the immigrant rights movement by standing in solidarity with immigrants in their struggle against racist attacks.

2019 saw the continuation of the Trump administration’s vicious and racist attacks on immigrants from previous years. In March, the Trump administration released its budget plan for 2020. The Budget proposed sizable investments in a border wall; increased militarization of the border; funding to hire additional CBP and ICE law enforcement officers; and increased capacity to detain and deport immigrants. Overall 2020 funding for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) ($18.2 billion) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) ($8.8 billion) is 19 percent higher than the 2019 level. Also in March, the Supreme Court ruled that the Trump administration may detain unauthorized immigrants indefinitely once they have been taken into criminal custody. This permits the government to arrest and imprison undocumented individuals who were released from custody years, even decades ago. Then on August 7th, in a flagrant denial of justice and due process, ICE agents raided several workplaces in Mississippi, arresting over 600 immigrants in one of the largest raids in United States history. Most recently, the Trump administration is moving to dismantle decades-old protections for immigrant youth, rolling out new regulations that would give the government the ability to indefinitely detain minors and families with children.

However, these attacks did not go unanswered. On July 12th, demonstrations took place across the country to demand closure of the ICE concentration camps. One of the largest demonstrations took place just outside Denver when over 2,000 people marched to an ICE camp in Aurora to demand that the camp be immediately closed and asylum granted to all those currently imprisoned. These demonstrations proved effective, as the mass raids that Trump promised would happen beginning July 14th failed to materialize, the reason being that federal officials feared public retaliation.

As an organization consisting of many immigrants to children of immigrants, SDS has always stood in solidarity with the immigrant rights movement. In recent weeks there have been demonstrations against attacks on immigrants by SDS chapters in Tampa, Chicago, and Wisconsin, among others. On September 19th, Denver SDS co-hosted a suburban march in which protestors congregated at the home of the ICE warden Johnny Choate to confront him on the countless human rights abuses that have occurred under his watch at the Aurora ICE concentration camp. Everywhere that immigrants are threatened, SDS is sure to be there to stand in solidarity against injustice and oppression. National SDS recommits to stand by immigrants now and into the future!

With this resolution, SDS Commits to:

Form ties with immigrant rights group to work together on actions

Hold a national week of action for immigrant rights

Additionally, SDS resolves to call for nation-wide protest if:

DACA is threatened

Funding for further militarization of the border is passed

Limits for child detention are threatened

A new guest-worker program, which would solidify the status of immigrants as second-class citizens, is proposed