The year 2020 became a historical monument of the fight and struggle for many organizers throughout the nation. Students for a Democratic Society across the nation continued the fight for the people’s movement by organizing around Black Lives Matter, police accountability via community control of the police, essential worker protections and pandemic relief, healthcare rights, immigrant rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and even against University and State repression.

As a multi-issue, multi-national, progressive organization of student activists, we find it imperative to uphold the rights of the people most at risk to the ruling class agenda as we continue our fight against violent, blatant acts of political repression. We understand the significance of our role as both students and community members to mobilize our circles against acts of racism and political repression that we endure under our current system.

SDS chapters across the nation have struggled against white supremacy on their own campuses; from the direct threats from the KKK to paramilitary neo-Nazi recruitment, riot police intimidating student events on campus, the refusal of admissions to recruit at majority Black/Brown high schools, and even the suspension of SDS on campus.

SDS has victoriously combatted white supremacy by getting the KKK member/ student banned from campus, taking down Confederate-glorifying monuments, defending Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, and fighting back against police targeting and arresting student & youth activists.

Students for a Democratic Society continues to uphold a dignified, protective stance on working-class people’s movements both domestic and abroad fighting back for anti-racism, LGBTQ+ rights, immigrant rights, disability rights, union and labor rights, abortion rights, and liberation for oppressed nations.

We understand that now is the time to keep the pressure on and fight for a People’s agenda, not a Biden-Harris agenda. A People’s agenda includes an end to police crimes via community control of the police, pandemic relief for those most affected, an end to the racist harassment of immigrants, universal healthcare, and legalization for all 12 million undocumented immigrants. We know that Trump was not the first President of the United States to destabilize and violate other countries or make international decisions based on profit and exploitation. We will continue to uphold a rigid anti-war stance and condemn the imperialist tendencies of the United States to invade and dominate foreign markets.

We call on students everywhere to condemn all forms of white supremacy in their personal lives, on their campuses, and within their communities. Join your local SDS chapter or get involved and ask us about forming your own chapter to dismantle racism in a diligent, organized manner. National Students for a Democratic Society will continue to fight for the rights of all and never the privileged few until we achieve freedom in our lifetime.