Due to the mass uprising and protests against police crimes over the past year, killer cop Derek Chauvin will receive his prison sentence on June 25 for the murder of George Floyd. We celebrate this win, and it is important to acknowledge the Black-led organizing work that led to Chauvin’s conviction. However, Minnesota sentencing guidelines only suggest around 10 and a half to 15 years in prison. Students for a Democratic Society demands that Chauvin face the maximum prison sentence of 40 years. |||| Chauvin intentionally suffocated George Floyd when he kneeled on his neck for over 9 minutes, refusing to let up even as George Floyd called out “I can’t breathe.” There is no question that Chauvin should face the maximum sentencing.

That is why SDS is calling for a national day of action on June 25 to demand the maximum sentencing. The people won Chauvin’s conviction on all three counts of murder ONLY by protesting in the streets and demanding it. ||||We must continue to do the same now. Justice will not simply be handed over by those in power. We must continue to stay in the streets and demand justice for George Floyd, and for all other victims of police violence.

We call on everyone to join us on June 25 for a nationwide day of protest. Let’s continue to organize against police crimes until our demands are won!