On January 6th, a mob of heavily-armed fascists descended upon the US Capitol following a rally organized by Donald Trump. Despite claims to the contrary, the purpose of the demonstration was to overrun the halls of Congress in order to prevent the congressional certification of Joe Biden’s electoral victory. This was a last-ditch effort by Trump to stay in power indefinitely by instigating a fascist coup, plain and simple. Students for a Democratic Society condemns in the strongest possible terms this coup attempt and demands that Donald Trump immediately be removed from power via invocation of the 25th amendment.

Wednesday’s events also clearly demonstrates the complicity of the Washington DC police with right-wing violence. Over the summer, when peaceful antiracist demonstrators protested in DC, they were met with ferocious violence in the form of tear gas, rubber bullets fired at point blank range, and mass arrests. Compare that with Wednesday's far-right rampage and the police response is night and day. Police allowed the fascists into the capitol building with almost no struggle at all, officers were seen being friendly with the fascists and taking selfies, and at the end of the day there were only a handful of arrests out of several hundred protestors. This makes it clear beyond any doubt where the loyalty of the police lie: with Trump and the violent far-right goons who follow him. SDS condemns the complicity of the Washington DC police and security forces in Wednesday’s attack and demands that a thorough investigation take place and all government officials who took part in facilitating the attempted coup be charged within the fullest extent of the law.

SDS has been opposing Trump since day one, and we will continue to oppose him until his last day in office. However, even after Trump is gone, his fascist base, including many police officers, will still be here and will continue to be a violent threat to our communities and campuses. We resolve to remain vigilant and oppose fascism through January 20th and beyond.