On March 12, the US conducted airstrikes on Iranian backed bases in Iraq. This was in response to attacks on a US base in Iraq, and was defended by the US government as justified. Occupying Iraq and establishing US military bases is a provocation to both Iraq and Iran. Saying that Iran made the first blow is taking the situation out of context.

National SDS calls for an end to US foreign interference and control over foreign markets and resources and stands in solidarity with both the Iraqi and Iranian people. These attacks on Iran and the continued occupation of Iraq only highlight the cruelty of the US government as they continue to terrorize and attack other nations while neglecting the health of the people as we face a global pandemic.

It is especially clear now that the US cannot and should not be spending money on its military, but must be funding services for its students and workers at home. The airstrikes carried out in Iraq take money away from healthcare services and also put Iraqi civilians at risk of death. This is why SDS continues to demand an end to the endless wars in the middle east, an end to US military occupation in Iraq, and an end to airstrikes in Iraq.