On Thursday, February 25th, the United States conducted an airstrike authorized by President Joe Biden against infrastructure belonging to pro-Iran Iraqi forces in eastern Syria. This was done in retaliation to an earlier attack on U.S. and coalition units stationed outside of the Erbil International Airport in Iraq. Significantly, the February 25th strike resulted in devastating casualties––killing an estimate of twenty-two people. Still, administration officials defended the airstrikes as legal and appropriate, claiming that they destroyed facilities which housed valuable “capabilities” used by pro-Iran Iraqi forces to attack American and allied troops. Yet, National SDS condemns this airstrike because it was a senseless provocation against the Iranian government that accomplished little but the further entrenchment of American political domination in the Middle East.

National SDS calls for the cessation of U.S. airstrikes, wars and interventions, and stands in solidarity with the peoples of both Iran and Syria. The February 25th airstrike indicates that the Biden Administration shall continue to employ the imperialistic practices that have been previously used by the U.S. government, all the while it neglects the actual needs of the American people. Biden, for instance, failed to pass his promised minimum wage increase bill and has yet to provide proper economic relief to those suffering most from the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to these failures, he should not be investing further into the United States military, but must begin to fund essential services for students and workers at home. This is especially necessary, as Thursday’s airstrike deprived American healthcare programs and social services of much-needed money. The foregoing issues explain why SDS demands an end to the U.S. imperialists’ economic and political supremacy in the Middle East, an end to U.S. intervention in Syria, and an end to U.S. conflict with Iran.