National Students for a Democratic Society stands in solidarity with students at Howard University who are staging sit-ins and protests against unsafe living conditions on campus. From mold and mushrooms in student housing to rats and cockroaches in the dining hall, students are living in deplorable on-campus conditions; especially since on-campus accommodations cost more than $10k a year. The #BlackburnTakeover movement has mobilized nearly 150 students occupying the Blackburn University Center on campus to demand the betterment of living conditions. While they are occupying the center, they are providing mutual aid (free food, free haircuts, yoga classes, etc) to their classmates. This act of solidarity among students shows how we keep each other safe, not the Administration that takes thousands of our dollars just to ignore students in danger. All power to the students!

@_thelivemovement on Instagram has listed their demands of Howard University as:
In-person town hall with President Frederick and Administration scheduled before the end of October
Permanently reinstate ALL Affiliate Trustee Positions on the Board of Trustees
The President and Chairman of the Board propose a meeting with Student Leadership outlining their “Housing Plan” to protect the current and incoming class of Howard University
Legal, disciplinary, and academic immunity for all participants both occupying the inside and outside of the Blackburn Building

Accounts to follow to stay updated:

Dare to struggle! Dare to win!