National Students for a Democratic Society recently condemned the February 25th US military's airstrikes and attacks on the people of Syria, under the guise of attacking "pro-Iran forces." (You can find our initial statement linked at the bottom of this call.) Even though Joe Biden campaigned on the promise of re-signing the Iran nuclear deal which would lift sanctions from the people of Iran, when time came for him to re-sign the agreement, he reneged on that promise and pursued military aggression instead. The February 25th attack killed at least 22 people.

It is disgusting that while the people of Iraq, Syria, and Iran suffer from the pandemic and in Iran the poverty caused by the sanctions, the White House can only provide deadly aggression. It is worse when we take into account the massive loss of life within the United States as well, knowing that our tax dollars are not going towards economic relief for the millions of unemployed and health care for the sick but instead going towards bombs and airstrikes in the Middle East. This flies in the face of everything SDS stands for. It should fly in the face also of every single progressive who said that the people's needs should come before Wall Street's unquenchable thirst for overseas profits, won through war and brutality.

New SDS is ready to protest, whether it is more US airstrikes in the region or US-backed Israeli retaliation for protests at US embassies. We know that the United States government will leap at any opportunities to pursue military intervention in Iraq, Syria, and Iran. We are stating now that we will host emergency actions the day of or the day after to oppose them. We encourage all students to do the same!