The Donald Trump presidency has been characterized by attacks on the working class and oppressed people across the US and the world. The vast majority of people gain nothing from the Trump presidency while the ruling class reaps the benefits of this period of intensified attacks. Attacks on health care rights for trans folks, to the growth of concentration camps for immigrants, to attacks on the labor movement emboldened by the Janus vs. AFSCME supreme court decision show that the Trump agenda is based on power grabs for the ruling class. It is plain and clear that the Trump administration will not give an inch and take a mile whenever it comes to maintaining and opposing their will on exploited and oppressed people in the US.

Internationally the Trump administration is committed to maintaining the United States empire through violence and intimidation. The recent announcement of the intention to send 2,000 soldiers to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to back up threats of war with Iran, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, undermining the sovereignty of Venezuela and intensifying trade war with China are just a few examples of the intensified imposition of the US government on people in every continent of the world.

Within the United States we have seen the racist nature of the US imperialist project intensified by the Trump administration. The intensifying of brutal ICE raids against immigrant communities, the unbridled continuation of police violence most heavily affecting communities of color and the unaddressed rise of far right racist groups and terror from individuals in the form of mass shootings, claiming Trump as inspiration, have become commonplace in almost every state.

As a result SDS members across the country we commit to:

Organizing our classmates and members of our communities to actively oppose the Trump agenda on our campus and in our communities through protests, disruptions/shutdowns and informational events.

Continuing to mobilize against the Trump administration through a national call of action on November 8th 2019 where we will take the streets to demonstrate against Trump.

Fight back against racist groups and agitators when they try to spew hate on campus or in our communities

Organize protest against attacks on the sovereignty of people internationally, such as in Palestine, Venezuela and Iran, as well as future attacks done in the name of the people of the US.