UPDATE: SIX more states have passed bills banning abortions within the first trimester, modeled after the Georgia ban, after we first wrote this statement, totaling EIGHT states so far. They are: Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Kentucky, Utah, Arkansas. Another is in the middle of passing through Wisconsin's legislature. Copycat bills have been defeated in Florida and Tennessee.

May 2019

New Students for a Democratic Society stands firmly against the abortion ban bills that have been passed into the Georgia, Alabama, Missouri and Wisconsin state legislatures. We also stand against the bills that have been introduced but fortunately defeated into the Florida and Tennessee legislatures. We stand firmly with women and trans people who seek reproductive rights, including the right to abortions and birth control in any circumstances. The GOP is advancing its attacks on women and veteran Democrat Party leaders are not doing enough about it, or less. Our hope will be a movement in the streets. We need to stand up for women's liberation and for people's control of their bodies, health and their livelihoods.

The Georgia bill criminalizes, fines, and imprisons doctors who provide abortions to any fetus with a "detected heartbeat," which is often even before pregnancy is detected. The Alabama bill criminalizes anyone who provides any type of abortion and contraceptives, using fertilization as the point at which a zygote or embryo is "a minor." Neither bill allows exceptions for rape or incest. They are the most far-reaching anti-abortion bills that we have seen in decades and are also meant to pave the way for an overturn of Roe vs. Wade, as well as create new attacks against birth control.

Alabama House Representative and GOP member Terri Collins himself admitted that in an interview for the Washington Post that "the entire bill was designed to overturn Roe v. Wade." This would make it even more dangerous than it already is for people to receive safe abortions by doctors and would send us all back to the days of unregulated "back-alley" abortions, when countless women died or suffered from complications. The right to a safe abortion and birth control are basic rights for health care, particularly for women.

This stinks of misogyny in the era of the Trump administration and its passionate defense of rapists, from Betsy DeVos' Title IX initiatives to Trump's ardent campaign for Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court. At the same time, the #MeToo movement has shown people's willingness to fight against patriarchy, including in the fight for reproductive rights.SDS will not stand for these attacks. We call on campuses to organize against them as soon as they can. We will continue to strike down these bills and patriarchy until we have liberation for women, LGTBQ+, and oppressed peoples everywhere.