On August 29th, the United States military launched a drone strike on a “suspected ISIS-K facilitator”; instead, they murdered 10 civilians, including 7 children. Additionally, the “ISIS-K facilitator” that they targeted was actually an Afghan worker who worked for an American humanitarian organization and applied for special visas to flee Afghanistan. Instead of aiding the working-class Afghan family, the U.S. murders his family and claims for days that the strike was “righteous”. Now they call it a mistake and apologize for the violence. These acts of violence cannot be called mistakes and apologies will not revive the lives of the Afghans murdered by the United States.

The families of the victims demand accountability for the strike, saying "That is not enough for us to say sorry. The U.S.A. should find the person who did this."

Students for a Democratic Society demands the defunding of the Department of Defense and Pentagon, the discontinuation of drone warfare, and an end to the forever wars the U.S. engages in across the globe. We stand with the victims of U.S. imperialism and military aggression. No more wars!