2019 Resolution: System Change, Not Climate Change!

2019 Resolution: System Change, Not Climate Change!

Climate change has been an issue in American politics for decades, but it has never been more pressing than right now. Roughly ninety-seven percent of scientists agree that the climate crisis poses a significant threat to society; that the Earth’s climate is experiencing an extreme destabilization as a result of unchecked and ever-expanding capitalism.

Climate change is a class struggle!

The sole aim of our current economic system is to create profit, to accumulate capital by converting nature into commodities. It is wholly indifferent to whatever havoc it causes on the environment or the people it exploits. In 2017, it was found that merely one-hundred corporations were responsible for seventy-one percent of all global emissions. This apathy can be seen more clearly now than ever as Donald Trump and a large number of other politicians, continue to deny or downplay the seriousness of the climate crisis for personal gain. They continue to violate the tribal sovereignty of indigenous peoples by allowing private corporations to build potentially dangerous pipelines and support the rule of Bolsonaro’s government which is pushing industrialization into the heart of Brazil’s interior resulting in mass deforestation and wildfires.

In short, CEO’s and elite business owners reject all facts of the coming crisis; they want nothing more than the status quo to remain unchanged. They continue to peddle their lies that the system is fine while constantly seizing more natural resources and exploiting workers across the globe. While the climate crisis affects everyone, it is currently affecting those in the global south most directly. Three out of four people living in poverty rely on agriculture and other natural resources to survive but extreme weather, shifting seasons and natural disasters are increasingly threatening their ability to survive and, in many cases, result in them having to flee their homes further fueling the refugee crisis. To the elites, their investments take higher precedence than the preservation of the natural world which we all live in. This lack of concern is exemplified by the fact that their lifestyles, the lifestyles of the richest forty-eight million people (around half a percent of the world’s population), produce more emissions than the poorest three billion people who make up fifty percent of the world’s population!

System change, not climate change!

It is imperative that we cut carbon emissions by at least forty-five percent before 2030 or else we will be facing irreversible damage. The only way to achieve such a cut will be by changing the current for-profit economic system to something that works for the collective good of everyone. SDS stands against those who refute decades of climate research, against those who destroy the Earth for capital gain. We stand firmly with the millions taking part in the global climate strikes, SDS believes that any substantial change will only come from the people standing up for what they believe is right:

We are calling on all SDS chapters to organize a rally around the rapidly developing climate crisis and to join the growing global climate strikes.

We are calling on all SDS chapters to hold educational sessions and outreach on the crisis taking place in Brazil.

We are calling on all SDS chapters to demand university divestment from fossil fuels and all other industries which further the climate crisis or environmental injustice.

We are calling on all SDS chapters to demand the immediate phasing out of fossil fuel consumption.