Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) stands in solidarity with those facing rent-related hardships as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Biden administration allowed the Eviction Moratorium to expire on August 1, and although a new limited moratorium was announced a few days later, it does not apply to everyone in need, and is set to expire on October 3. Even though the Delta variant is spreading rapidly across the country, the Biden Administration and Congress delayed action to provide relief to those in need, and have still failed to provide a full moratorium. This reflects a bi-partisan failure of our government to help those in need.

At the end of June, The Supreme Court told the Biden Administration that the President lacks the authority to extend the moratorium. Instead of actively partnering and pushing Congress to pass legislation in a timely manner, the Administration decided to release a statement the day before the eviction ended calling on local and state governments to disburse Emergency Rental Relief funds and for Congress to pass legislation protecting renters. This statement was released the day before the House of Representatives goes on a 6 week vacation. While top US politicians vacation in their taxpayer-funded second houses, millions of poor people around the country are facing housing insecurity. SDS condemns the stark class divide between the people and those who “represent” us.

SDS is calling for a national day of action on Wednesday, September 29 to demand that the government cancel the rent! With the eviction moratorium set to expire on October 3, we need to keep the pressure on, and demand rent relief. The cuts to unemployment benefits and the rapid rise in layoffs over the past year have only further worsened the housing crisis. SDS calls for immediate rent relief action by local, state, and national governments. The pandemic is not over, especially for poor and working class people who continue to work in unsafe conditions with higher risks of COVID.