As the situation in Ukraine deteriorates further with each new day that passes, Students for a Democratic Society condemns the refusal of our elected leaders to adequately de-escalate the current situation, and demands an end to warmongering in eastern Europe. National SDS says no to US war on Russia, no US sanctions on Russia, and no US intervention in Ukraine.

Most media coverage of the events in Ukraine neglects to critically examine NATO’s origins and long history as a tool of American hegemony; its track record of bloody intervention in Afghanistan, Libya, and Yugoslavia have demonstrated that its true goal is the expansion of American imperial interests. This, combined with its long history of anti-Russian propaganda and paranoia, make it a highly unreliable narrator. Ukrainian nationalists - including openly fascist militias such as the infamous neo-Nazi Azov Battalion - continue to receive massive infusions of arms from the West while making no moves to defuse the situation. In this context, it is not difficult to see how a Ukrainian demand to join NATO can be portrayed as a threat to Russia and its people. The US government also uses sanctions against other countries whom it cannot economically and politically dominate, such as Syria, Venezuela, and more.

The United States has responded to the situation in the usual manner: continued threats and another layer of sanctions, the true cost of which will be paid by working-class Russians. Meanwhile, American workers foot the bill for NATO deployments and arms transfers, and pay for the tension at the gas pump. But it is Ukrainian citizens who will pay the ultimate price of war, a war caused by self-serving decisions by US-led NATO forces. SDS condemns any possibility of a US war with Russia and demands an end to punitive sanctions against Russia, as well as to the sending of American troops and materials to Ukraine.

We refuse to be swept up in the bloodlust of another senseless military intervention, and we demand that the US government and NATO cease their involvement in Eastern Europe before this war escalates out of control.