SDS calls for a National Day of Action on September 9th to fight against police crimes and campus cops. SDS stands with the families of victims of police brutality in their fight for justice. We thus want to take this fight against police brutality and discrimination to our own campuses and call for the defunding, disbandment, and campus control of university police forces.

The past 2 years have seen unprecedented protests, rebellions and uprisings against police violence across the country. The murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis cops in May of 2020 sparked the largest rebellion against racist police killings in US history. The murder of Breonna Taylor met with continued public outrage and struggle, combined with movements against the death of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Students and youth readily participated in these mass protests, with many of our local chapters intensely engaged in these struggles.

In spite of the people's rebellion, racist police killings continue, because the politicians representing the wealthy elite refuse to hold killer cops accountable. Daunte Wright was murdered by BPD cops in April of this year, and 13-year old Adam Toledo was killed just the month before. In June 2021, another Black man, named Winston Smith, was killed by Minneapolis police, sparking protests where a right-winger drove a car into protesters and killed one, a woman named Deona Erickson.

But the struggle has also won many victories. The people have shown that they will rise up, in numbers we haven't seen for decades, and in such mass protests to fight for justice and accountability, and in the most organized struggles many victories have been won. In Chicago, the foundations of real accountability, of community control of the police have been laid with the passage of the Empowering Communities for Public Safety Ordinance, which allows for the creation of a community-elected accountability board that can recall the head of the current police accountability agency, and more. The struggle continues on until real accountability can be reached. Many of our chapters are currently struggling for community control, defunding and disarming or disbandment of their campus police forces. We have also watched as student programs and services have been cut time and time again to funnel more money into these police forces, with more and more workers laid off in the process.

It is with this all around us that National SDS calls for a national day of action of September 9th to continue the struggle against racist police crimes, against the campus police forces that are bloated and armed to the teeth. We call for a national day of action to demand justice for all victims of police crimes!

Black Lives Matter!
Community Control of the Police Now!
Cops Off Campus!
Fund Education, Defund Discrimination!