As students fighting for radical progressive change in this country, we are saddened to face a probable Biden victory for the Democrat Party presidential nomination after what happened on Super Tuesday. But we are also energized. As students, facing college debt, an uncertain job market, and unaffordable housing, healthcare, and everything else we need to survive, we know that we cannot rely on the establishment Republicans or Democrats to govern this country with any integrity. Though we are a non-partisan group, and do not focus on electoral politics, many of the things that Bernie Sanders is pushing for, especially in terms of erasing student debt, demanding universal healthcare, and protecting workers’ bargaining rights, are things that we, as an organization, are fighting for every single day. That is why we were sad to see that Super Tuesday was not just a win for Biden, but a win for the establishment. We have always known that the politics of Bernie Sanders would face an uphill battle. The people currently in power do not want to see radical change, because they know that what is good for us, the students, the workers, the people, means one less yacht for them, one less vacation mansion, a couple percentage points of their vast wealth taken away from them.

But again, we are energized, and we are still willing to fight for radical change. SDS chapters from all over the country endorsed and will be traveling to Milwaukee this summer to March on the Democratic National Convention , on July 13th, 2020. We will be marching with other students, with union workers, with activists fighting police brutality and political oppression. We don’t want Biden to win, but no matter who wins, at the DNC, and in November, know that we will continue to fight. We deserve to have the opportunity to go to school, and to leave without crushing debt. We deserve living wages and benefits at our jobs. We deserve to have access to healthcare without making us bankrupt. These are things that we cannot get with an establishment candidate, and these are things that we will never stop fighting for until we win.

However the next primaries go, whoever gets the nomination, SDS urges everyone to join us at the March on the DNC and continue organizing so that we, the people, can live the life we deserve.

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