In Florida, there are numerous bills advancing in the legislative process, such as HB 7 and HB 1557, which are blatant attacks on the education system in Florida. HB 7 and its counterpart SB 148 would prevent teachers talking about systemic racism, eliminates gender and ethnicity as protected from discrimination, bans trans athletes, and includes transphobic bathroom bans. HB 1557, also known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, would ban discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation in classrooms and allows parents to sue schools for any LGBT+ policies. Recently there has also been a proposed amendment to HB 1557, which would force teachers and administrators to out LGBT+ students to their parents, even if there is a possibility of abuse or neglect towards these students.

These bills are a massive attack on teachers, already underpaid and overworked, and greatly limits their ability to teach accurately and create safe spaces for LGBT+ youth and students of color. SDS condemns these homophobic and transphobic bills, and condemns this attack on education. We call on the people of Florida to continue to fight back against these oppressive bills, and SDS chapters across the country to stand in solidarity against these bills as well.