The Labor Movement is an ever growing struggle as more workers understand their shared interests to fight the bosses and demand better conditions for all. Across the country, new unions are forming and existing unions are bargaining and striking for better working conditions, especially as COVID-19 continues to ravage the United States. From the floors of factories to Hollywood production, organized workers are collectively demanding better working conditions, pay, and respect. We have seen recent developments within the labor movement from the Amazon factory in Bessemer to the Starbucks stores in Buffalo that show a promising future for new unions in all industries.

Listed below are some of the current labor developments around the nation:
Kellogg Strike
> 1400 workers at ALL US Kellogg factories
IATSE Strike
> 60,000 film and TV workers voted to authorize a strike, the first in the Union’s 128 year history
Health workers Strikes
2000 Buffalo healthcare workers
> 400 healthcare workers in Springfield, Oregon
> 700 nurses in Massachusetts have been on strike for 207 DAYS
Student worker Strikes
> 90% of voters authorized a strike for the Harvard Graduate Students Union
> 3000 Columbia University students authorized a strike for the 2nd year Nabisco Strike
> Nabisco workers ended their weekslong strike after reaching a favorable contract agreement
John Deere Contract
> Rank-and-file John Deere workers are demanding to see the negotiated contract between the company and the pro-corporate UAW union

Students for a Democratic Society expresses solidarity fighting for a more just and democratic workplace. Showing solidarity is not just a statement, but connecting actions to our struggle. SDS has demonstrated a commitment to the labor movement before, staging solidarity actions and giving material support to striking AFSCME workers at the University of Minnesota in 2007, to cafeteria workers at Harvard University in 2015, and to SEIU workers at the University of Illinois - Chicago in 2020, among others. SDS will continue to stand with striking workers. SDS calls on students to:
The only way to build power to create a better future is for the student movement and the labor movement to work together!