UW Parkside SDS condemns the Kenosha Police Department and their murderous actions resulting in the near-death of yet another Black man. Yesterday afternoon, a police officer shot Jacob Blake in the back 7 times point-blank. Blake was trying to settle a dispute in his neighborhood when three officers descended on the scene. They tased him and shot him. Blake’s young children were in the backseat as they witnessed the bullets let loose on their father. Our hearts go out to Jacob Blake and his family, of whom we stand in complete solidarity. Jacob Blake is still alive and in critical condition, a miracle given the horrific circumstances.

We have had enough. We are tired of having to stomach over and over the seemingly endless murders of Black people committed by police in this country. Their intent is usually deadly, based in deep-seated hatred of Black and brown working class people, and is a disgusting show of unproportional power. UW Parkside SDS demands that all police officers involved in the shooting of Jacob Blake be fired, arrested, indicted, and convicted. We demand community control of the police through a Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC), where the people elect a council that can make the changes we need to the policing system as a whole. We will continue to fight for the family of Jacob Blake and for the families of the victims of police crimes everywhere. Justice for Jacob Blake! Justice for all victims of police crimes! Arrest, indict, and convict the killer cop and his accomplices! CPAC Now!

Call to Action Statement:
UW Parkside SDS (Kenosha, WI) issues an urgent National Call to Action to all SDS chapters to stand in solidarity with Jacob Blake and his family! Yesterday afternoon, Jacob Blake was shot 7 times in the back point-blake by a Kenosha police officer in front of his children and community. He is still alive but in critical condition. We are outraged, and we demand justice for Jacob Blake and his family. We demand that the killer cop and all other officers involved be fired, arrested, indicted, and convicted for their crimes and attempt at murder. Join us in protest as soon as possible.

We will be out there tomorrow: August 25th. No Justice, no peace! #blacklivesmatter #JusticeForJacobBlake #JacobBlake