Two weeks before the US was set to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban has all but seized control of the country. The US-backed puppet government that has ruled for the past 20 years has fallen and the forces that have been fighting US imperialism for the past 20 years have taken power. SDS welcomes this defeat of US imperialism, and wishes the best to the people of Afghanistan to build an independent, sovereign nation free of US interference.

Contrary to what mainstream media pundits claimed, the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 was never about improving the lives of the Afghan people, or “fighting the oppression of women” as claimed by former First Lady Laura Bush. The US invasion and subsequent occupation of Afghanistan was always about dominating a strategic region of the world rich in resources. The experiences in Vietnam, Iraq, Korea, and elsewhere teach us that the US military serves the interests of the billionaire elites who rule the United States, not the interests of working people at home or abroad. SDS condemns the 20 year occupation of Afghanistan, which stole the lives of countless thousands of people.

The defeat of the US in Afghanistan is also a sign of things to come. Imperialism is in a period of decline, and will continue to face defeats in other parts of the globe. However, the anti-war movement must remain ever vigilant. Even though it may face defeats, US imperialism will never stop meddling in other countries affairs, be that in the form of coups, invasions, bombings, or crippling sanctions. It’s up to us in the anti-war movement to continue to demand an end to occupation, sanctions, bombings, and other criminal actions that the US takes part in daily around the globe. SDS reaffirms its stance against US intervention and will continue to fight for the day the senseless destruction brought about by US imperialism is a thing of the past.