National SDS condemns the actions that the US military and the Trump Administration took on Thursday night. The assasination of Qasem Soleimani was a blatant act of war. Trump ordered this strike with no consideration to Iraqi citizens or US military members. This escalation also happened right after Trump declared that he was finally going to fulfill his campaign promise of withdrawing troops in the region. Trump’s actions have received bipartisan support with the exception of Bernie Sanders. National SDS will protest this escalation and any further escalations of a war with Iran and Iraq.

The US Military has had a continuous presence in the Middle East for the past two decades. We recognize that this military presence is an attempt to maintain power over markets and resources in the region, especially oil, and consequently denies countries in the region self-determination. The protests at the US Embassy in Iraq were a legitimate display of anger towards the US. These protests did not warrant an attack on Iran’s military. If anything should have been done, it is withdrawal of US troops.

US military presence in Iraq only serves the aims of the US, which is to control their markets and resources. If denied this, the US then proceeds to decimate the country with war, as seen before in Libya and Afghanistan. This is detrimental to the quality of life for people at home and abroad. Every bomb dropped in Iraq is less money going to social services for people living in the United States.

National SDS supports the call to action for January 4th and we urge all chapters to host or attend anti-war protests. In addition, as the situation continues to escalate, we urge chapters to continue holding actions and to protest on-campus recruitment and ROTC programs.